Marathon Mama {How One "Non-Runner" is Taking on Goals One Step at a Time}

RUNRUNMy friend Catherine Hover, owner of Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio (and two other Paint and Sip locations) is not afraid a challenge, which is why when I heard she was running the NYC Marathon I wasn't too surprised, even though she's not a "runner". Or let me rephrase that, she wasn't a runner. I spoke with Catherine, mom to the adorable Posey, about her journey from setting the goal to running the marathon. Even better? She's doing it to raise funds for a great cause.

Mamatoga: So what inspired you to run the marathon?

Catherine Hover: I was looking for something to really motivate me to get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle, but I've never in my past participated in competitive running whatsoever. When I started running on April 1st, I literally couldn't remember the last time I ran to or from anything for any reason.

M: What has been the biggest challenge?

CH: The biggest challenge for me has been finding the time. Some of the longer runs can take 2+ hours which is a lot of time to put aside for myself. I have major mom/business owner guilt!

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M: Tell me about the charity you are raising money for and how people can donate?

CH: I am running the NYC marathon as a member of Team for Kids. 100% of all donations raised for Team for Kids will go directly to NYRR Youth Programs impacting more than 200,000 students locally and nationally through free youth running programs, events, and resources. You can donate here (she is SO close to her fundraising goal).

M: What advice would you give for someone training for a marathon (or even just a 5K)?

CH: I would download one of the many training apps out there onto your phone. I use the Hal Higdon program. It's super easy to follow and keeps track of all of your progress. Most importantly, believe that you CAN do it! I firmly believe that running a marathon or any race for that matter, is 80% mental and believing you can do it is a first step for pretty much any challenge you'll ever face!