The Only Baby Shoes That Fit {Also Happen to be the Cutest, Phew}

the onlybaby shoesthat fit(1)Let me put this bluntly. My 14 month old has enormous feet. Not so much long feet, more like, well, puff feet. The way I like to describe them is like two little potatoes with little sausage toes poking out of them. She's pretty large all around, my little roly poly chunker is in the 97% percentile and she's also on the move, so shoes are a must. So I should just buy shoes, easy, right? Wrong.

You see there was a time when I could fit some baby shoes on her feet, but her feet lately seem to defy footwear of any kind. Uggs, no. Don't fit. Sneakers, no. We were basically down to her pair of Frozen fluffy slippers as the only thing that could contain her chub feet when I walked in to the Bundle Store on a rainy day. I had wedged her little tootsies into a super cute pair of rain boots I had picked up and realized when I put her down to walk that these were also, sadly, a no go. The foot part of the boots themselves probably would have worked if it wasn't for Talley's somewhat serious baby cankle issue.

So again, I was back at the drawing board. Amber from the Bundle Store came to my rescue, after we had a good laugh about the sheer enormity of Talley's muffin feet, she put a pair of Minimocs on her. The beauty of Minimocs is that you can actually open them up in the middle, there is an elastic that allows you to open them much wider than a regular shoe, and they are nice and flexible so they actually go on and stay on. They aren't rigid on their little feet, and I was shocked, SHOCKED, that I had finally found a pair of shoes, that were cute, that actually fit her feet (and that she didn't try to pry off every time she got in her carseat.

mocsThe soft-soled bottoms of the shoes are suede which makes for great non-slip, indoor (and dry-weather outdoor) wear, and they come in the sweetest colors (it's actually sort of hard to choose, we went with gold so they could go with the most things).

I cannot tell you enough about how EASY these are to put on, and TRUST ME, I have spent hours trying to gently wedge shoes on to these delicate little puffball feet, so I know the difference between "easy" and OMG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE MINIMOCS?!?!

Their unisex style is great for both baby boys and girls, and I have to admit I have secretly wished for a gold pair like Talley's in my own size. The fringe is just the right dash of baby style and they can take any ordinary outfit up a notch with their little pop of gold.

Even if your baby was blessed with shoe friendly, petite and sweet feet, check out these mocs, you will fall in love with how easy they are, how durable they are, and their happy and vibrant palate of colors. Find them locally at The Bundle Store (ps, one of my favorite colors, Narwhal, is on sale now!). xoxo