BOO Your Neighbors with Name Bubbles

Ghost-Youve-Been-BooedWe love the tradition of "Boo-ing" your neighbors and it's something we look forward to every year now. It's a fun and easy way to add a little excitement to the Halloween countdown, it helps build community in your neighborhood and its just some simple old fashioned fun.

With these absolutely adorable (and free) printables from Name Bubbles you can make it even cuter now! Here's how to do it: first, go visit Name Bubbles and get your printables, then enlist some little helpers and get to work.

There is a fun poem wishing your neighbors a Happy Halloween while also providing instructions on what they need to do once they've been booed to keep it going in their neighborhood. Once you’ve been Booed,  you place a “We’ve Been Booed” sign in your window or door.


You fill two brown paper bags with Halloween goodies (you can fill them with candy or other non-food items like glow sticks or Halloween decorations) and then print their adorable You’ve Been Booed Printables, which includes the “You’ve Been Booed” instruction poem, “You’ve Been Booed” treat bag toppers, and the “We’ve Been Booed” sign.

Cut out the “You’ve Been Booed” treat bag toppers and tape or staple them to close your brown bags. Make sure you also print two copies of both the “You’ve Been Booed” poem and “We’ve Been Booed” sign (bring the files on a flashdrive to Staples and have them print it out on cardstock, much more durable and it is super cheap). Next, let your kids choose two friends or neighbors that will enjoy this fun Halloween surprise and drop off the bag of treats along with the printables at their door then…RUN! The kids LOVE this part, the sneaking over, ringing the doorbell, and then running away while trying to muffle the excited laughter, I always wind up laughing myself too, last year I was laughing hysterically while running through our backyard while carrying Talley in the sling. Quite the spectacle I'm sure. Happy Booing Everyone! xoxo