FREE Halloween Print & Introducing Family Seasonals!

printablesYou guys know I have given myself over totally to fall decorating. I can't help it. If I pass by a candle with the word "witch" in it or pumpkin salt and pepper shakers (yes I bought some, I have no shame) I have to pop them in my cart. It's my favorite season, what can I say? There's just something so appealing about getting cozy, staying in and making the house fun and festive for the kids.

Today I was playing around with some fun printables for the front hall that would make the kids smile, and I came up with this sweet and simple Halloween print. Not too scary but just fun enough, just click the photo below for this free 8 x 10 printable (if you want a higher quality printable, download the file to a flashdrive and bring it into Staples and have them print it onto cardstock).

Boo!I've also been creating some seasonal family prints too! I am a freak about mums, and these mums won't go and die on you (like mine have been doing, a green thumb I do not possess), and I had to add the wellies in there too since it seems to be my footwear du jour lately.

Family Print

Want a personalized one of your very own? They are just $5 a print, and all you have to do is email me at with the family name and I will send you a PayPal invoice and the digital file. This file I would recommend printing on card stock, and colors can vary slightly by printer.

Happy fall y'all! xoxo