Mama Bear Mug Giveaway

sweetpineappleLater this week I've got some big news about a new shop I'll be opening featuring family printables, some fun designs and projects I've been working on, but for today I want to give you a peek into what I've been doing with this giveaway!

I love coffee. I mean, I LOVE IT. It helps me smooth out those crazy mornings where I am in octopus arms mode: clothing one child, making breakfast, searching for wayward homework, packing lunches and just getting things done in all of my Mama Bear glory.

Some mornings, let's just say it might be a good idea, a self preserving idea even, to avoid asking me direct questions until I've had at least one cup of coffee. That's why I came up with this sweet little mug, a nice gentle reminder to maybe just not mess with me right now, k?

It's also a reminder of how powerful we are, us Mama Bears. We all know Mama Bear mode. And YOU DO NOT WANT TO MESS WITH IT. Because while us mamas can be gentle and loving we can also fiercely protect and defend if need be. We are strong and powerful and we won't put up with anything that might harm our little cubs. It's an awesome feeling, and one that can and should be harnessed when you are having a tough day. You are Mama Bear, you can do this!

I am giving away one of these original Mamatoga designed mugs in a cute little plaid for the holiday season before they are available for purchase! All you need to do to enter is comment below (that Sweet Pineapple Designs on the photo above? Stay tuned to learn more). Good luck all you Mama Bears! One winner will be chosen at 5pm on Friday! xoxo