PositiveFocusedStrongIt's Thursday so that means it is time for your heads up on what's going on locally for kids and families. Before you hop over to the weekend calendar, click through to see what you might have missed this week! xoxo

As I battled a cold all week (being sick as a mom is so fun, right?) there were two fun little giveaways happening here on Mamatoga. First, let your inner Mama Bear out with this custom Mamatoga mug, and put a little adventure right on your child's door with this printable.

Pop over to HuffPost Parents to see my latest piece there, and don't forget the Saratoga DBA Fall Festival is coming up next week, ON Halloween, it's a not to miss local family event! Now click on through here to see the weekend offerings, and have a great family weekend everyone! xoxo

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