Canadian Pacific Holiday Train Coming to Saratoga Springs 11/28

holiday(1)The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train is rolling into our area at the Saratoga Springs Amtrak Station at 7:20pm on Saturday, November 28th 2015 and will be putting on a show for everyone from 7:30-8. Not sure what the Holiday Train is all about? Click through to find out more about this great holiday tradition that gives back.

A typical Canadian Pacific Holiday Train event goes something like this: The train arrives and pulls to a safe stop in front of the crowd. The train itself is quite a site to see, it's about 1,000 feet in length with 14 brightly decorated rail cars that are each decorated with hundreds of thousands of technology-leading LED lights and holiday designs. Once the train pulls to a stop the stage door lowers and the band opens with its first song. After that, a brief presentation takes place with local food bank officials and other dignitaries. Once that is complete, the band resumes performing a mix of traditional and modern holiday-themed songs.  The whole event lasts about 30 minutes, and once the band plays its farewell show, the boxcar door closes, and the train slips off into the night on its way to the next stop!

The Holiday Train event is free, they only ask that you bring a food or monetary donation to your local food bank/pantry, which will be on site taking collections. The food and money donations stay in the community, and are not collected on board the train. They work in conjunction with local food bank and food pantry groups, and they organize the collection of all donations for the region.  Everything that is raised in the community stays in the community for local distribution.

Since 1999, the Holiday Train has raised close to CAD$10.6 million and 3.3 million pounds of food for North American food banks. Everything raised in each community stays in that community, and CP additionally makes donations at each stop. It's a great way to give back to our local community and help kick off the holiday season, and if you have a train lover like we do, they will LOVE this fun and free event.

Here are some guidelines on what types of donations to bring to the event:


  • Grain Products – whole grain bread, brown rice, whole wheat crackers, bagels, hot & cold cereals, granola bars, muffins
  • Vegetables & Fruit – canned fruit and vegetables, 100% fruit juice, tomato sauce, canned soup, tomato juice, applesauce, fresh (if storage available)
  • Milk Products – dry milk powder and formula, milk puddings, cheese spreads, fresh milk, yogurt, & cheese (if accepted)
  • Meat & Alternatives – canned meat & fish, peanut butter, canned baked beans, dried or canned beans and lentils

To learn more about the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train, click here


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