My Latest Must Haves (Oh Baby do I have news...)

ohbabySome of my latest must haves? Click through to read more...

THE BEST DRINK FOR NAUSEA OF ALL TIME (aka where were you for my first 4 pregnancies?!) Find it at Target. Or not, because I may have bought their entire supply.

Blanket Scarf (to cover up looking pregnant pretty much immediately)

H&M Maternity tank

Same goes for these pouches. Lifesavers.

Sour Patch Kids, just because.

Motherlove products never cease to amaze me. Find them at The Bundle Store.

This tea almost makes up for me cutting back on coffee.

Just in case you still didn't catch my drift...

thankfulThis Thanksgiving we as a family have a little something extra to be thankful for, as I am expecting baby #5 in June! I have been feeling slightly under the weather now for the past few months (extreme understatement alert), but I think I am turning the corner on the nausea and the exhaustion (hopefully?). It has also been hard to cover up the fact that I'm pregnant again because when you are pregnant with #5 you look pregnant pretty much immediately. I have always loved the idea of having a big brood of kids around the table with me, and we can't wait to find out (in less than two weeks!) if it will be a boy or a girl, this one will be the tie-breaker for what the house majority will be. Now if you guys could just help us come up with a name, it's pretty hard to come up with another one after four...xoxo