Mamatoga Fall Holiday Magazine is HERE!

Mamatoga-Fall-Winter-2015-CoverThe Fall Holiday Issue of Mamatoga Magazine is here!

I would like to first just thank Jake Van Ness of Graphic Precision my amazing graphic designer who puts up with having to work from my dining room table with various children and dogs constantly interrupting. Jake, you are a saint. And Jack loves you because there's a Paw Patrol character ALSO named Jake (did he mention that to you?). Also a huge shout out to Tracey Buyce, photographer extraordinaire, who somehow always seems to be on the same page (or one page ahead) of me every time. We just click, and her results always knock me out. Thank you Tracey for also putting up with the madness that is Mamatoga (there were SEVEN children at the cover shoot in total, and Tracey could have handled seven more). I appreciate you guys so much.

I also would like to thank all my advertisers, every single ad means that they support this little website and they want to see it keep going, so when you see their ads click on 'em and know that business supports local mom run businesses like mine. Without advertisers I wouldn't be able to produce a thing, and their support is invaluable.

Okay I will stop boring you with my little speech, but every time I release a magazine (along with the Mini City Guide this is my TENTH issue that I have produced independently!) I just get so emotional (okay maybe that's the pregnancy talking) about how much I love this community and how grateful I am to be a part of it. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this one. xoxo Jenny

click here to see the issue now xoxo