Let's Talk {Local} Turkey

when you feel like quitting,think aboutwhy youstarted.It's getting close to Thanksgiving and that means it is time to get that big shopping list going. Stuffing? Check. Cranberry sauce? Check. Turkey? Before you check that one off your list, let's talk about buying local turkeys and why it makes such a big difference. I chatted with Katy Lesser, founder of Healthy Living Market and Cafe about why you should make a local turkey part of your family's Thanksgiving tradition.

Katy Lesser: "About 25 years ago, I started working with local farmers to bring Thanksgiving turkeys to Healthy Living Market and Cafe's first location in Burlington, VT. Why? Oh, so many reasons! First, they are simply better birds; juicier, more flavorful, never frozen - always fresh, and better for you because they're raised without hormones and antibiotics. Plus, they're not injected with all sorts of stuff (water, flavor enhancers, and more) after processing, which conventional birds are loaded with.

_We love our local farms. Like us, they're family-owned, fiercely independent, and committed to bringing you the best food possible._(1)We also love our local farms! We feel it's so important to work with and support the nearby farms that raise turkeys. They're dedicated to growing fantastic birds and thanks to them, we live in an area that has beautiful, open land, green meadows, and busy barns. Like us, they're family-owned, fiercely independent, and committed to bringing you the best food possible! When you put a local turkey on your Thanksgiving table remember what it means...the importance of local farms, the joy of serving your family good, clean food, and how absolutely delicious that bird is!"

Healthy Living Market and Cafe sources their turkeys from three local, family-owned and operated farms in our region – Misty Knoll Farm, Stonewood Farm, and Hidden Camp Farm, plus, they donate a percentage of their turkey sales to the Wilton Food Pantry.

Click here for more information and to order yours now, the last day for pre-orders is Friday, Nov 20 at 9pm.