Reasons I Cried This Week {aka Attack of the Pregnancy Hormones}

attack of the pregnancy hormonesFor the most part, I'm usually a fairly even keeled, level headed woman. I'm not really a "crier" either (movies usually don't get to me that much, except for La Bamba but that's a whole other post in and of itself) but when those pregnancy hormones start rolling in WATCH OUT my friends, because it's about to get real.

Just this past week alone I found myself becoming unhinged emotionally, over things that might, just maybe, be considered somewhat trivial. Silly, even. Yet, there I was, crying like a baby. Some reasons I cried this week:

  • One of the Minions in the Minions movie was sad
  • Facebook showed me a picture of my 7 year old daughter when she was 2 years old playing an iPod and I clicked on "more memories"
  • I found out Sean didn't eat the cheese danish I bought even though I hid it really well on purpose so he wouldn't eat it
  • Target was out of Tim Tams
  • Jack asked me to take a picture of his stuffed hedgehog
  • The dogs were sleeping next to each other and I thought what good friends they must be
  • The Salvation Army lady at the grocery store saw my toddler was crying and walked out of the store to bring him a lollipop (related: sorry for weirding you out with the tears, Salvation Army lady)
  • My 9 year old told me my hair looked pretty in a ponytail

Oh and one other big reason I cried this week, we found out the gender of baby number five (scroll alllll the way down)...xoxo