Snowman Marshmallows DIY

indexSo the weather right now in upstate New York is less "White Christmas" and more "Shorts and Flip Flops", but that doesn't mean you can't have a little snowman fun with the kids. These cute little snowman cocoa marshmallows are so cute and easy to make, they're the perfect substitute for a real life snow-man.

diyFor the cocoa snowmen, using the bigger marshmallows gives you a bigger palate to work with (plus they really fill up those little mugs). Cutting the marshmallows in half and work with the sticky side up helps the chocolate chips to stick better.

Put the chocolate chips flat side down on the sticky end of the marshmallow so the pointy side is up. For the nose, I found it easier to make a few little lines of frosting on a paper plate and then transfer them to the marshmallow for the nose, pressing it down gently.

Next, just float this little guy in your cup of hot cocoa, garnish with a candy cane and enjoy! xoxo