My MUST HAVE Hospital Bag Item {You Might be Surprised}

2Oh yes, the hospital bag. One of those things you check off your list on the way to motherhood. Sometimes the stuff comes in handy, sometimes you forgot something you really would have loved having, and sometimes you're like me and wind up with an emergency c-section and you feel like you might as well have forgotten the entire bag and are starting from square one. I have a little secret for you though, you might be surprised to find out the one thing I ALWAYS pack in my hospital bag, the one thing I would hate to forget...

What is it? It's a corset. Now, don't get all eye-rolling on me, this isn't about vanity and wanting to do any "waist-training", this is about comfort, and feeling like my body isn't going to explode if I sneeze.

I bought my first Bellefit Postpartum corset after my first c-section. I was terrified of the new big painful scar I had and my new infant's feet just happened to dangle dangerously close to it when I held him while standing up. I felt scared when trying to sit down, scared if I had to get up off the couch quick, basically I was just nervous and felt like I was painfully exposed. The corset helped me feel like I was back together in one piece, it held my bandage in place and made me feel like even if I had a coughing fit (or laughed) I wouldn't need to hold my hands over my belly to hold myself in. It made wearing pants more comfortable, and in general helped me feel all pulled in again. It was such a relief. These are medical grade corsets, designed for post-surgery, and I have to admit I 100% think they helped me with my c-section recoveries. When people ask me my favorite post-baby item for moms, I always say a corset.


My other must have items? BREAST PADS. Really nice comfy and soft ones, like the ones pictured above from Bamboobies that you can find at The Bundle Store. No scratchy cheapos for these first days of nursing, no thanks. I also love the idea of something new and beautiful to bring the baby home in, one special thing that you can hold on to and remember how big they were that first day they came into their home as part of your family. We have a Petit Bateau onesie that all of the children have worn home, a teeny tiny one with little pale blue clouds on it and it is one of my favorite items of clothing ever. I keep it in my bedroom and the kids love pulling it out and holding it up to each other and marveling at how tiny they all once were. Another special item is always that first blankie, the Little Giraffe blankets at Lex and Cleo are the softest things ever, just the perfect thing you would want to wrap up a little tiny newborn in. Oh and of course I'll have one of these in the bag!

Another big thing? Food! While I give Saratoga Hospital big props for their food and love their maternity ward, sometimes having your favorite snacks or drinks on hand can help you feel fortified and more human again, this time around I will be packing some juice from Healthy Living Market and Cafe which always makes me feel like I'm drinking a little strength and some yummy ERZO biscuits.

So what about YOU? What do you pack, what do you WISH you had packed? Give me some tips for when I'm packing my hospital bag for the fifth time in June! ps: Select answers are going to be used in the upcoming Spring Issue of Mamatoga Magazine! xoxo