Mamatoga Magazine Special: The Pregnancy & Newborn Issue

2(2)This Spring's upcoming issue of Mamatoga Magazine will have a special focus this year, it's the Pregnancy and Newborn Issue! This issue will be designed as a guide for local moms to be and moms of newborns featuring profiles of local hospitals and maternity wards, local must haves for moms, classes and info sessions for moms and much more that can be used for expecting moms all year round.

I also want to focus on ALL the options local moms have for giving birth: I'm talking home birth, water birth and more. If it's something offered in our area for preggos, I'm going to feature it.

So I need YOUR help! Did you have a home birth and want to share your story? Did you have an amazing doula and want to give her a shout out? Did you deliver at a local hospital and have a great experience you want to share? Email me at to share your story in this HUGE Pregnancy and Newborn Issue!

Plus, I'm also going to be conducting a poll to find out YOUR favorites for the pregnancy and newborn stages, what helped get you through and what you couldn't have lived without. Stay tuned mamas! xoxo