Mamatoga Review {and Giveaway}: ERZO™ Foods Prenatal Biscuits ***GIVEAWAY CLOSED***

12440366_1677127819170787_2404063599224025645_oA prenatal vitamin that helps with nausea, oh and wait it's also a snack? Sign me up.

My morning pregnancy routine is usually the same. Get up, throw on one of these, head downstairs and take my prenatal vitamins before I forget, totally planning on also having breakfast so they don't make me nauseous. Next thing I know I'm fully in the lunch making trenches, slicing up peppers and locating wayward homework and before soon I'm feeling like if I don't eat I'm going to barf all over the class trip permission slip I'm signing.

Instead of taking the time to make something healthy, I usually just grab whatever is in sight and is ready to eat, I have more than once just eaten chips for breakfast to stave off the queasies.

The ERZO™ Vitamin Biscuit takes the prenatal vitamin to the next level by combining a whole grain cereal biscuit with a carefully formulated blend of complete prenatal vitamin, and the best part? It's not just in one biscuit, but three. You can eat them all at once or spread them out over the course of the day. Eat them all for breakfast, have one with coffee (my favorite), crumble one up in some yummy coconut yogurt (second favorite) or just have one for a snack. Since the ERZO™ biscuits are food, you don't need to take them with food, so you can have them on their own as a snack without getting the prenatal vitamin queasiness.


I LOVE that they actually help with that morning sickness nauseous but not quite going to throw up feeling first thing in the morning, and I also have been eating one at night since for whatever reason that queasy feeling comes back once I finally lay down at night. They are filling and delicious, they taste a little bit like granola, and I will give you a pregnancy pro-tip here, put some Nutella on those babies, YUM.

And since they give you your complete prenatal vitamin needs, you can skip swallowing the pills. They are Non-GMO made with 100% Whole Grains and Organic Grains and have no artificial sweeteners. Just 200 calories or less per serving they are also a good source of fiber and they also come in a gluten free version.

Another little beautiful bonus? Buying these vitamin biscuits not only supports your own healthy pregnancy, but it helps to support mothers-to-be around the world, because with every purchase of prenatal ERZO™ Vitamin Biscuit, their nonprofit partner Vitamin Angels provides prenatal vitamins to a woman in need.

I loved loved LOVED the strawberry Greek yogurt flavored biscuits, and they also come in a ginger, oat, gluten free oat, and an apple cinnamon flavor. You can shop for them online here at their site (you can also order them on a subscription basis so you don't run out and find yourself craving one) plus, you can find them locally at The Bundle Store!

Today, I am giving away a box for one lucky reader to try for free! To enter all you have to do is comment below and you can pick up your box to try right at The Bundle Store! Good luck mamas, and a big thank you to ERZO™ for giving me the samples to try!