The Only Maternity Item I Need

20Consider this post a love letter. A love letter to my all time absolute favorite piece of maternity clothing ever, the one thing I just could not live without while being pregnant (and then while breastfeeding...and beyond...).

Yes, my maternity clothing love letter is addressed solely to the Liz Lange Maternity Tank that you can pick up for a cool $12.99 at your local Target store. The Target website claims it comes in a rainbow of colors like the sweetly named "Sunbeam Pink" and a "Nettle Green", but I've only seen it in black, white and the best, gray.

Why so many words dedicated to a maternity tank, you may ask? Simply because it is the most comfortable piece of clothing I've ever owned, and I literally wear one under everything, every single day. I wear them to bed. Under dresses, over pants, the longer length helping to avoid that dreaded belly gap between pants and shirt. Then when you're post-baby, it's snug enough to not gape but stretchy enough to wear as a nursing tank, and again the longer length goes a long way (pun intended) for the post-baby body as well. Nobody wants a crop top tank right after giving birth, nobody.

Plus, this handy tank helps non maternity clothes bridge the gap between too small and still doable. I used to love the "belly band" that you could pull over pants but MAN that thing is uncomfortable, either riding up over the pants or unrolling down the top of your belly so you're left adjusting this mysterious item of middle clothing that is neither pant nor shirt nor underwear but somehow covers all three of these at least partially.

You see, maternity clothes, they should I put it? Horrible. Either they are wildly expensive for something you're going to wear for two months, or they make you feel like you have entered muumuu territory. Or, they are so uncomfortable you want to rip them off and burn them in a ceremonial bonfire while you rant about getting heartburn from just brushing your teeth.

Pair this baby with these, and you are GOOD TO GO.