Confessions of a Mom Matching Addict

matchyOnce you have more than one kid, you might find a strange urge overcoming you. It doesn't happen to all moms, but for some of us the instinct is strong. The match. The thing is, there aren't a TON of places to find matching sizes for multi-age kids, but today I have two of my favorites to share with you.

Maybe you like matching "lite" and just do coordinating outfits, maybe you go all out and buy things in duplicate in different sizes, but some of us know you don't need to have twins to feel the need to match your kids outfits. Sure, it can be easier and can reduce the little squabbles some kids have over who gets to wear what, but deep down I know I only do it because, well, I think it's cute. And matching outfits have a limited shelf life. With my oldest nearing ten I know our days are numbered for when he will want to match his little brother, so I try to sneak it in here and there when I can.

First, I love love LOVE Mini Boden. We buy versions of their swimsuits every year, and you can buy the same suit for kids from 1 1/2 up to 12 year olds. They are durable and well made and have such sweet and simple designs, I'm a sucker for stripes and they do a stripe version every year (so far, please don't ever change Mini Boden). Their boy and girl stuff coordinates without going too far down the matchy matchy rabbit hole, and I always find cute combos there.

Secondly, my new favorite Primary is PERFECT for those matching addicts like myself. You can mix and match up the colors on their tunics and leggings for girls and the prices can't be beat. Stock up on polos, tees and shorts for boys and their sizing goes from 2-12 (with some matching colors in the baby stuff as well).

For the new baby, I couldn't find a matching swim suit this year, but I'll make do with something sweet and stripey nonetheless, oh and it's monogrammed! Perfection.