Where I Defend Being a Hot Mess at School Drop Off

dropit Mornings with kids can be insanity chaos insane chaos hectic. Locating backpacks and library books, making lunches, negotiating breakfasts, and if you have school aged kids this all needs to be done under a timeline AND the kids need to be somewhat presentable and wearing clean clothes and ready for the day. At my house we have it easy, the kids take the bus to and from school and I get to wave at them from my front door as I send them down the driveway, and, nearly 100% of the time, while I'm still wearing my pajamas and sipping my coffee with the kitchen looking like a Cheerios factory exploded inside it.

Lately though my oldest daughter is participating in a school program that requires her to be at school at 8am (a whole forty minutes earlier than the school bus usually shows up at our house which is like a LIFETIME in morning minutes) and I have been presented with the challenge of now not only getting her ready ahead of time, but getting myself ready to actually be in public, and I gotta say...I don't like it.

See I work from home, and my dining room table is usually my office. Some days I am up and dressed in actual clothes (read: nothing fancy but not pajamas) and ready to, you know, "take on the day", and some days, maybe not so much. Especially when the babies are really young I have been known to stay in the pajama stage well past morning time, even still wearing my glasses, nice and comfy, and now I find myself not wanting to fully "get ready" for a five minute 8am drop off.

I can see other parents have the same conundrum, let's say you have to get ready for work after you drop the kids off, or maybe you're a stay at home mom and can take your time with getting "outside world" presentable. Sure, I want to set a good example for my kids but does that require putting makeup on and an actual outfit to drop them off at school? I can't see myself saying yes to that at this point in my life.

Some people will disagree, like the school principle from Darlington, England who wrote a letter to all parents asking them to "take the time and dress appropriately in day wear that is suitable for the weather conditions" when dropping the kids off at school after she saw many parents wearing pajamas (and even slippers) to drop off.


Now, I give someone major props for going all out and wearing actual slippers to school, but really are my Uggs that much more different? And we all know the trend of wearing what used to be considered actual slippers out in public (like the shearling lined Ugg slippers I myself do wear in public, they have a rubber sole!! They are practically shoes!). Let's break down the whole outfit, shall we?

Let's say you show up in yoga pants. Are these really that different from pajama pants (answer: not in my case). Maybe if you avoid wearing actual flannel pants that have cartoon polar bears drinking hot cocoa on them you are good to go? And really, in the winter, does anyone know what I have on under my giant puffer coat and blanket scarf, I mean it's called a BLANKET scarf for a reason people (and just so happens to be my favorite accessory and I hope that trend NEVER DIES). As far as I'm concerned, if you can put on a bra on under whatever shirt you're wearing and throw a coat on, you are public viewing ready, and you won't get any judgment from me (because I will have the same level of "outfit" on as you). I prefer the long puffer coat for drop off, or, as my husband likes to call it: my "sleeping bag with arms". And really, the fall/winter is the BEST time for the lazy mom's drop off outfit, because most of it can be concealed underneath the big coat. Summer, well, you may have to step it up just a bit, but you are good for now ladies.

As far as hairstyle and makeup, my look ranges from "messy bun" to "messy ponytail" in the morning and not the cute kind you can find tutorials for on Pinterest, the actual messy kind that doesn't always require washed hair. If I happen to have some lip balm in my coat pocket I will slick that on and I am ready to roll. And the ultimate school drop off accessory? COFFEE.


But really, aren't we losing focus on what is really important here, that being...THE KIDS? If they are coming to school well rested, well fed, and taken care of should it really matter what my outfit looks like? Maybe the example I am setting for my children is let's take care of the important stuff first: homework, a good breakfast, making sure we have everything we need for the school day and maybe the cute outfit can come after all those are done if there is time. And speaking of time, getting there on time is perhaps more important than me choosing an outfit, am I right?

And to all you moms who are put together and have their hair done, I envy you, I really do, and I aim to be one of you someday. I don't judge you either, those of you that wake up early and get things done BEFORE the kids get up (some of you even work out then too OMG how? How do you do it? Teach me your ways!). We all have those days too where you actually have a clean, nice looking outfit on, maybe your hair is done, those days where you are just hoping you run into as many people as possible because you have a spring in your step from looking just so darn cute for once. The bottom line is, at school let's keep the focus on the kids, and skip the judgment on the moms.