Easy & Cute: The Pinterest Valentines That Were Actually Really Simple

socuteAfter all that talk last week about not hating on the Pinterest moms for the effort they put in, my Pinterest Valentine's actually turned out to be really easy and light on the ol' DIY...

First, I found the printable for the tags, a super cute design by Bloom Design, click here to see them. I just printed a bunch up, had Levy sign her name on 'em and cut them out. Nice and easy. I would say definitely print them out on cardstock though, makes a huge difference.

The ring pops I got from Oriental Trading Company, the price was right and they came in heart shapes! With a smiley face! The cutest. Then just some super cheap cellophane treat bags and some baker's twine from AC Moore and they were good to go. If you were going to do these as a last minute job you'd just have to find the ring pops locally and that would get a little pricier than the Oriental Trading prices.

I had a little assembly line help from the kids and it was all done in less than an hour (to make around 50 of them, I designed a slightly different style tag for my older son's Valentines with different colors he chose). The tying is a little much for smaller hands, especially with the bags and making sure it is tight enough, but this was so easy and they came out so sweet. Small effort, huge cute factor. I may or may not already be planning next year's Valentine's already too, I mean, I AM a Pinterest Mom, what can I say?!