Looking for a Good Book?

up in the clubA few times a month a lovely group of local ladies join me for a Book Club where we spend a percentage of time talking about the book we were all supposed to read, a percentage of time talking about our kids, and a percentage of time devoted to whatever else is on our minds (this varies WILDLY from week to week). Besides being a lot of fun and surprisingly a lot of laughs, being part of a Book Club gives me the extra incentive to actually sit down and read, something that I deeply enjoy and something that truly relaxes me, but not something I always make time for.

If you're looking for a few good titles to try out with your own Book Club or on your own, here are a few of our recent favorites...




Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Our latest read, this one was a page turner and VERY intense! A crime thriller with two estranged sisters at the heart of it, it will keep you up at night wanting to find out what happens next. This one was a pretty solid hit with the whole Book Club, although we need something a little lighter for our next pick after such a gripping (and sometimes a little scary) read.




Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

We all LOVED this book! We loved it so much we actually chose a second title by the same author just to keep it going. It had everything: great characters, humor, suspense, and even more of a page turner than the first one. I think I finished this in record time for me. This one was unique because the characters were all moms from a kindergarten class, something everyone in our club could really identify with. We also read The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty, and while we liked that one too, this one was by far the favorite.




Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff

Reviews were mixed on this one in the Book Club. Some people found it dense and hard to get through, and while I agree that it was indeed dense and VERY layered, it was something of a nice palate cleanser from the fast paced thrillers we seem to choose lately. The almost poetic writing forces you to slow down and take it all in, and Lauren Groff's unique way with words spins a gorgeous almost dreamlike atmosphere that serves as a backdrop to what feels like an epic (and yes this one took me a while to finish) love story, that does also hold it's own twist at the end.

What about you? Have any good book suggestions to throw onto the list? Leave them in the comments section below! If you're stuck and can't find something that interests you, I HIGHLY recommend asking a bookseller at Northshire Bookstore on Broadway in Saratoga for some suggestions. I have gone in there and told them just a few key ideas and have walked away with some incredible reads that I never would have chosen myself. Plus, right now they have a Winter Reads program where they are challenging customers to read 3 books picked from a suggested reading list over 4 months (January 15 - April 15, 2016). Upon completion, these customers will receive a $10 gift card to Northshire Bookstore, that can be used in either store and online at www.northshire.com!

Pick up an official Winter Reads bookmark in the store or download a printable bookmark here.