Mamatoga Giveaway & Review: Organic Freshly Made Juices from Healthy Living Market & Cafe

sojuicy(1)I'm a big fan of trying to eat healthy, and the easier the better for me, which is why I couldn't wait to try out the organic, freshly made to order juices at Healthy Living Market and Cafe. Want to see what I thought (you already saw what my kids thought)? Click through to read my review and to find out how YOU can try one for free the next time you're at Healthy Living Market and Cafe.

I have the best intentions to eat more fruits and vegetables, really, I do. It just doesn't always happen that way. Sometimes it's late afternoon and I realize I haven't had much in the way of actual nutrition besides the coconut milk in my coffee. Add pregnancy pickiness or nausea to the mix, and the amount of organic fruits and veggies I consume can sometimes drop considerably. This is why ordering a little juicy pick-me-up is the perfect solution for me, since drinking freshly made organic juice is the most natural and quickest way to increase your consumption of raw fruit and vegetables.

First, let's learn a little bit more about the differences between conventional store bought juices and freshly made to order juices. The difference between regular juice and juices freshly made to order (like the ones at the Healthy Living Market and Cafe Juice Bar) is that most "conventional" store-bought juices take six to 12 months from ‘juicing’ to pasteurization, then storage. During the process of pasteurization chemicals are applied to all produce being used in a juice to ensure bacteria does not form during packaging. This heat is used to eliminate harmful bacteria but also removes several good bacterias in the process.

Freshly made juice doesn’t use heat and therefore has significantly more vitamins and enzymes. Every freshly made juice is made to order from fresh, organic produce, and the juice preserves valuable enzymes and vitamins.

Now let's learn a little more about the organic freshly made juices from Healthy Living Market and Cafe. First of all, their juice is the only juice in our area to use all organic ingredients. Why is organic so important? It means the produce is free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering. On average, they use 3-4 pounds of organic fruit and vegetables PER JUICE at Healthy Living Market and Cafe. Per juice. That's a lot of fruit and veg.

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Now, let's talk flavors...I absolutely love the ones with the Aqua Vitea Kombucha in them, and the Toga Tonic and the Pineapple-Citrus Spin are also big favorites. Each juice has such a full bodied flavor to them . The "greenier" ones are usually my favorites but the ones with the beets were surprisingly delicious (but I do love me some beets). My approach to these juices is to add them to my regular diet to give it a big boost I probably am not already getting in the fresh produce department, I like to think of them as a nice little balancing agent for my diet. A little cupcake here, a green juice there, and it's all good. If I'm feeling a cold come on I might choose the immunity blend, if I want something sweeter I go for the Citrus Spin. Also, some people do like to go whole hog and do a full on juice cleanse, which you can also do quite easily at Healthy Living Market and Cafe (more info on their cleanses here).

+5 Health: Aqua Vitea Kombucha, lemon, ginger, melon, carrot

Green Fizz: Aqua Vitea kombucha, spinach, melon, ginger rinse

Immunity Blend: carrot, lemon, melon

Antioxidant Blend: beet, carrot, melon, lemon, ginger

Detox Blend: Aqua Vitea kombucha, beet, carrot, ginger

Saratoga Tonic: spinach, cucumber, melon, lemon, ginger rinse

Pineapple-Citrus Spin: pineapple, orange, spinach

OR Create Your Own

So are you ready to try one of these yourself for free? Just comment below and I will draw three names at random on Friday, Feb 19th at 5pm, and you can swing by the Espresso and Juice Bar next time you're at Healthy Living Market and Cafe for a free full sized juice of your choice to try out. I guarantee it won't be your last.