Toddler Winter Activities {that don't include putting on and taking off a snowsuit 35 times}

I WANNA GO OUTSIDEI'M COLD LET ME INOMG toddlers and the snow, so fun, am I right?! No sooner do you get them all bundled up that they want to turn around and come right back in/use the bathroom/say they're bored/too cold/tired/not tired/want to watch Paw Patrol and then go back out in ten minutes after you take their snowsuit off. And I love when toddlers ask for "hot chocolate" aka "I'm going to blow on this for forty minutes and give it to you at a temperature only slightly above room temperature and it will still be 'too hot'". Ah yes, life with a toddler can be the most challenging fun you will have as a parent, but if you have a little one who really wants to play in the snow but it's 15 degrees out, here are some easy and creative ways to bring that fun inside.

play 1SNOW PAINTING: Level of Toddler Difficulty from 1-10: 3 (level of complaining= low)

This one is so easy, fill a bin with snow, put down a tablecloth on the kitchen floor (I always pick up the seasonal plastic ones from Target for arts and crafts projects so I have a bunch on hand at all times) and let them paint right onto the snow. They can use measuring cups and spoons in the snow first to make little snowmen, whatever they feel like doing. Toss in a few toy cars, some animals, and the best part? Once it melts get more for them to create a brand new masterpiece. Find more ideas at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

MARSHMALLOW SNOWMAN STAMPING: Level of Toddler Difficulty: 2 (if you let them have a couple marshmallows to eat) and 10+++ (if you do not let them eat any marshmallows).

White paint + marshmallows makes this an easy and fun way to "build" a snowman without the grunt work. Get the how to here.




BUBBLE WRAP HOPSCOTCH: Level of Toddler Difficulty: 1 (if they can walk, or hop, they can do this, just make sure you aren't planning on having any "quiet time" during this one).

This activity doesn't have anything to do with snow but it is just SO genius I had to include it. File this one under "How Did I Not Think of This Before?!". Get the instructions here.


Making-a-Car-Parking-Numbers-Game-Craftulate-at-B-InspiredMamaNUMBERED CAR PARKING GAME: Level of Toddler Difficulty: 5 or so, depending on age.

Let's get a little educational, shall we? B-Inspired Mama has the how to on this super cute numbered car parking game, pair it with a DIY road and you've bought yourself some time to watch The Bachelor.

how-to-build-a-masking-tape-race-track-mainFor even more indoor activities, visit me on Pinterest here!