#1 Kitchen Tool for Creating Cuteness

breakfast cutenessYou guys know how much I love pancakes, but what you don't know is how easy it is to make super cute ones like the rainbow ones pictured above. Click through to find out my #1 kitchen tool you need on hand to make these easy (I swear) pancakes.

My four year old is obsessed with rainbows, I'm not sure why, but whenever he sees anything rainbow he MUST have it, and that includes rainbow pancakes! Now, making pancakes is my thing, and I have even made rainbow ones before, but I never made rainbow shaped pancakes.

That is, until I bought these little squeeze bottles that make the whole process super easy. Make up a batch of pancake batter, pour into each of the bottles, and use just a few drops each of food coloring, shake WELL, and then create your design on the pan. A tip? When I'm using the squeeze bottles I actually will mix the batter using a blender for a few seconds to make it thinner, and I have snipped off the ends of the tips on the bottles to make the batter come out slightly smoother, which was easy enough to do.

61u+uv7XJhL._SL1000_Plus, you can use the bottles for all kinds of (non-colored) designs too. I use just one bottle to make letters, numbers and any shape their little hearts desire. It takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of how fast it comes out and how thick to make it, but the pancakes always turn out cute and the kids just love them.

Screenshot 2016-03-17 13.57.41To make the super cute bunny pancakes, just use the squeeze bottle to shape the ears and feet, then make two circle pancakes for the head and body. Add on some chocolate chips onto the feet and a bit of whipped cream for a tail and you're done!

These little bottles get used WAY more than I thought I would be using them, and it all goes along with my theory that I can get my picky eaters to try anything as long as it is cutely shaped. Jack will turn his nose up at regular pancakes but if I spell out a J and a 4, he's all over them. I'll take it.