Summer Art Camp at Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio



Pint Sized Picasso Art Camp With Feathered Antler at Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio

All Creative Camps are taught by Gretchen Louise Tisch, Owner & Designer of Feathered Antler Fashion & Home, Paintertainer at Saratoga Paint and Sip and Dance Teacher at Skidmore College with a Masters in Art Education, so prepare for some Fun Artsy Goodness!

Camp times are from 9am to 11:30am or 2pm till 4:30pm and hold a maximum of 10 Artists for more one on one learning. Camps provide an end of the week performance or art exhibit put on for families to enjoy! Artists are welcome to bring *NUTFREE* snacks and something to drink during the 2.5 hour sessions (No food will be provided).

3-D Forest of Magical Friends: July 5th-8th: Using a mix of 3D materials kids will design and create a lifesize new species of animal by combining two of their favorites and giving them a new creature name!

Track Hat Extravaganza: July 11th-15th: Kick off Track Season with the making and decorating of the most unusual hats using unique materials and designs.

Jewelry Making From Found Objects: July 26th-29th: Who says you need to buy supplies to create beautiful jewelry? Kids will explore the many uses of found objects such as fabric, paper, and even paint to create unique statement pieces.

It’s All in the Details: August 1st-5th: Learn skills in drawing, sketching, painting, and design using overlap, layering, and tiny details to enhance the composition.

BeaYOUtiful Mosaic Framed Selfie-Portraits: August 8th-12th: Who says self portraits have to be so serious?! Kids will take a series of fun selfies to then recreate the photos using pens and watercolors along with making their own mosaic frames.

Behind the Scenes Dance Party: August 15th - 19th: Learn the ways of the dance world by choosing music, choreographing, costume and set designing, and performing.

Bigger Picture Art: August 22nd-26th: Kids will use multiple tiny canvases to create one giant picture when put together just like a puzzle! Each individual canvas will use a different medium such as pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, pencil, fabric, colored pencils, etc., but will still come together as a whole image!