Do You or Don't You: Kids Thank You Cards {plus some free printables}

DO or DON'TKIDS THANK YOUNOTESBirthday parties are supposed to be fun, right? Sometimes though between the planning and the coordinating and the invitations and the goodie bags (let's not get into THAT again) it turns into a lot of work. So when it's all over, do you have your kids write thank you notes or do you skip it?

I have to admit, I love the practice of little kids sending thank you notes. In our world of email and texting, there is something so charming about a handwritten note, especially from a child. For the kids themselves, receiving the note is always fun, since we all know how amped up kids can get at receiving anything in the mail, especially from a friend. And when they are the ones doing the writing, it can help remind them that a party or a holiday isn't just about the gifts and getting more stuff, it's about taking the time to thank their friends and loved ones for helping to celebrate with them.

You can get kids involved as early as preschool with thank you notes. Even if they can't write their name they can take part in the process by helping to color in cards or adding stickers or stamps. Involving them in the process is key, make sure to explain why you are writing the note, and why it is important. With the younger set a photo card works well instead of a handwritten card, but the little ones can still try to add in their name so they can take part.

With older kids it's time to let them write their own notes, or at least fill in the important parts with cute printables like the ones pictured below. Keep it simple, and give them a little bit of a guide as far as what to put and what to include, and as they get older let them have more control over the content of the letters. If (when) they get bored, take a break. You don't want to turn it into a chore that they dread, but rather include the thank you process as part of the whole celebration, try to keep a positive spin on it and remind kids that the person who gave the gift will feel so special for getting a hand written thank you.


from left to right, get these free printable thank you notes here, here and here