17 Little White Lies I Tell My Kids

Save the Date(2) There is a time period when your children are little when you might just find yourself telling the teeniest of little white lies just to make things run a bit smoother. This is usually the same time period when you can spell things out right in front of them which is then quickly followed by the realization that that time period is over FOREVER. It is a brief little boost for the toddler parent side, take advantage of it while you can...

Here are some of my greatest hits as far as little white lies, which ones have you told?

  1. That's mommy's "juice"
  2. Maybe next time honey (translation: never happening, kid)
  3. That is the music the ice cream man's truck makes when he runs out of ice cream
  4. No sorry that bouncy castle place is closed today
  5. You don't want a bite of this, it's spicy
  6. No I don't have any games on my phone
  7. The policeman will pull mommy over if you don't stay in your carseat
  8. This isn't a cookie it's a protein bar
  9. These are the same carrots Daniel Tiger likes to eat!
  10. Oh sorry, I can't find the batteries for that toy, they must've fallen out...
  11. That's not fish, it's Ocean Chicken!
  12. I'll be in to check on you in just a minute (translation: I'm going to go watch Netflix till I fall asleep you'll be fine)
  13. It's time for bed/nap! (only works when they can't tell time and if there aren't meddling older siblings around to ruin it for you)
  14. I'm sorry honey this restaurant doesn't allow kids (translation: Mommy needs a kid free date night)
  15. You guys must've eaten all the Girl Scout cookies
  16. We need to go soon the park is going to close!
  17. Oh no, they must have cancelled Caillou I can't find it on any of the channels