Confessions of a Hot Mess Pregnant Lady

Screenshot 2016-04-11 12.25.09 For the first few months of pregnancy, I can manage to stay somewhat put together. I've got the belly bands that help me wear those pre-pregnancy pants, maybe I throw on a little cardigan and highlight the still cute 1st or 2nd trimester baby bump. I get all excited about my favorite maternity items. And then the 3rd trimester hits, and things go downhill. Fast.

You see, around month 7, I'm over trying to put outfits together. OVER. IT. Forget this post. FORGET IT. I don't want to wear ANY OF THAT. You know what I do want to wear? My comforter wrapped around me like a robe and a pair of old Uggs that should never be seen in public but accidentally sometimes are when I forget to change out of them when I have to run to get milk. Do my hair? Too tired. Put on makeup? Only if it takes thirty seconds or less and then still no. Put on a cute outfit and go out somewhere? NO I DON'T WANT TO PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME. In fact, I want to take all those maternity favorites and chuck them in a bonfire while I take a nap a safe distance away. In my comforter.

The thing is, everything is uncomfortable (yes I am here again). Anything pants wise that needs to be around where my waist used to be is just a big NO. Even maternity leggings, even that bastion of last hope comfort for all pregnant ladies everywhere, even THOSE I don't want to wear. Basically every morning is spent in front of my closet, longingly touching articles of clothing that have ZERO hope of being worn any time in the next season (or two) before giving up and wearing pretty much the smallest possible step up from pajamas that is still acceptable in public. And since I am so close to the finish line, spending any amount of money on maternity clothes seems silly at this point, so I am stuck in that in between stage of "this is clearly too small" and "I give up the baby will be here soon anyway".

Some ladies can pull off pregnancy throughout the whole nine months and still look great. I believe some of them even exercise and I swear I heard one woman even ran a marathon while pregnant. Some women can just carry a belly well and have the fashion sense and wardrobe to pull of Pinterest worthy outfit combos and some just have that glow the whole time. The WHOLE TIME. Me? I just want to eat ice cream in bed.

Being anemic (every pregnancy so far) doesn't help, and having four other children to look after doesn't exactly help the ol' energy levels, and I have to admit I do find myself taking advantage of ANY seat or rest that is offered to me at pretty much all times. Basically, at this point, I just want to lay down. Even in the shower. But, after venting all this to you, my lovely readers, I do have the opportunity to dig down and remember what a brief time pregnancy is compared with the lifetime of motherhood, and how lucky I am to be carrying a brand new baby. Maybe that is why I don't really care too much about my appearance (or vast increase of appearance) at this point, because the truly important thing isn't the top ten cutest maternity outfits, it's that I am getting to carry a baby and create life. In fact, I remind my husband of that quite often nowadays. "Honey can you hand me that remote" he asks while I'm lying on the couch. "Can't," I respond with eyes closed, gesturing towards belly, "creating life here, sorry".