Ten Steps to "Spring Cleaning" for the Lazy Mom

index Spring is here! Well, sort of. I mean, it may snow again this weekend and your house is probably currently in a limbo state of shorts and mittens and snow boots everywhere (maybe that's just my house?) but spring weather IS on it's way, eventually, and that means spring cleaning! Right? Sure...So let's get all revved up to tackle those spring cleaning projects, with maybe just taking it down a notch or two for the lazy moms out there (raises hand).

First, buy a TON of baskets, like, easily five or six. Never mind what you're going to put in them, just get some. The cuter the better. Bonus points for little chalkboard signs on the baskets so you can get REALLY organized with these. Eventually. At some point in the near future. They definitely will NOT wind up full of half unopened mail. Nope, not gonna happen this year.

Next, pull out all of the clothes in your closet. Don't think about it, just do it, it's like ripping off a band-aid! Make sure you start this at the worst possible time, like 20 minutes before you have to do the school run or right before the baby is supposed to get up from their nap. Get distracted by something (new episode of RHONY) and forget you did it, then stuff it all back in a couple days later when you can't stand to look at it anymore and the wave of spring cleaning mania is far behind you.

Spend a good chunk of time picking out cleaning products you need for the project from Amazon but give up after you can't fill your Prime Pantry box to a perfect 100%. Consider getting Dash Buttons for everything but remember you have a toddler who loves buttons so no. Just no.


Watch a ton of YouTube videos from Alejandra.tv but decide she is a fraud because she doesn't have kids and of course you could be that organized too with NO KIDS in your house. I mean, come on lady.

Research a bunch of different spring cleaning tips on Pinterest. Wonder when people got so into decorating their laundry rooms? Wind up with four new recipes for quesadillas. Ooh one you can make in the slow cooker!

Try and organize the kids books by color but decide all of this color coding is making you really hungry for quesadillas.


Go to Target for quesadilla ingredients. Oh and cleaning supplies, that's right. Forget much of what you went there for.

Decide you absolutely must have a mudroom this year. There can be no organizing without a mudroom! The mudroom is the very essence of an organized, together mama. Just think of all those little boots lined up perfectly! You can color code their sections because the kids will TOTALLY get on board with having separate sections and won't just throw things on the floor immediately after stepping inside! Yes, the mudroom is what you are lacking in your house. No, not just your house, what you are lacking in your LIFE. Go into your garage and visualize the gleaming, spotless mudroom you could have complete with little wire baskets and an oversized family photo above all of it with all of you smiling in the photo and no one grumpy or trying to make a funny face and you are all wearing coordinated outfits and it's sunny and beautiful. Become deeply discouraged and think about just putting house on the market as is instead.

Search for a sweet "messy house" sign on Etsy. Hang it in the playroom. You're done there.

Buy a really cute planner and some new pens and realize that this will be where you start. Where you start planning for Spring Cleaning for next year.