Bored Kids? Free Printable!

The Benefits of FruitThis past weekend we had three lacrosse games, playdates, visits with grandma, trips to Target (of course), outside play, bike rides, trips to the Fun Spot, Mother's Day fun and MORE. But guess what? My kids were still bored.

The truth is, sometimes I think the more activities we have the easier the kids get bored when they have downtime. Since they are so used to being on the go and having their days filled, when there is "free time" they don't know what to do with themselves. The other problem is that in order to avoid the whole whiny "But I'm BOOOOOOORED" thing I turn into Mommy Activity Director and find myself trying to fill the time for them just to keep the peace. The thing is, kids need downtime. If children are always provided constant stimulation from toys, parents, or playdates, it can hinder the development of their ability to think and create for themselves and their games, and play, will be merely mimicked behaviors and ideas.

I've seen different versions of this BORED list on Pinterest, and decided to finally design one of my own and hang it on the fridge. Bored? Kids can pick at least one of these things to do to fill the time and think creatively. I especially like the "done something helpful" one. Besides just being "chores", it can be as simple as playing with a younger sibling or taking it upon themselves to get a task done around the house. Click here for more ideas on what kids can do during downtime.

To download the free printable, click right here, and good luck mamas!