Name Bubbles Family Pack GIVEAWAY

GIVEAWAY(3)Name Bubbles are one of my Summer Family Must Haves, for a ton of reasons. Click through to learn more about their Pattern Labels Pack which is perfect for family gear, find out why YOU need them on your gear this summer, and enter to win a free pack!

I've been a Name Bubbles fan for years, these name decals are not only cute, they STAY ON everything. It's crazy, I don't know what their magic formula is, but these decals stay on through thick and thin (I have put these on the soles of my kids sweaty shoes and they STAY ON, snowboards-they stay on, beach buckets, YES they stay on!), but when you want to take them off? Easy to take off. It's mind boggling, I know.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 14.26.58

Their designs are so cute too, my kids have tennis ones, rainbow ones, aliens, pineapples, ballet, there are so many cute icons and fonts and colors to choose from. We put them on everything from school gear, clothes, sports equipment, electronics, everything. And this summer I thought rather than put kids labels on them, why not get a pack with the family name on them to put on all the beach and pool gear?

Screenshot 2016-05-24 10.30.50

Everyone who has packed the kids stuff for the beach or pool or park knows what it's like to then try to collect it all at the end of the day. Is this our bucket? Is that your towel?? I don't know how many times I have either accidentally taken someone else's beach shovel or have left sand toys at the park because I wasn't sure if it was ours or not. And we have a LOT of gear: portable chairs and coolers and umbrellas, all stuff I don't want to have to replace, so I am putting a Name Bubble on EVERYTHING (even that adorable tennis print picnic blanket I just got from Target, OMG so cute!).

This week I am giving away a Pattern Labels Pack which is perfect for family stuff (like the one I designed above). Put one on your picnic basket, your snack cooler, anything you want to make sure you keep track of this summer. To enter, all you have to do is comment below, and one winner will be chosen at random on Friday, June 3rd! You'll be able to design your own customized label pack and it will be delivered right to your door just in time for some summer fun! Good luck readers! xoxo