Plan Ahead for your Best Summer EVER

BESTSUMMEREVER'16(1)Signs of it are everywhere, school stuff starting to wrap up, summer camp planning in full swing, kiddie pools on display at the stores: summer is around the corner. Now, while I LOVE the notion of just throwing caution to the wind and winging it and having a carefree, schedule free summer, the reality is I have four (almost five) children under age 10 and planning is like a life vest for me when it comes to having things run smoothly. That's why I'm already introducing Mamatoga's BEST SUMMER EVER Guide!

First up, click here to find out my top picks for local Saratoga Springs area camps for kids. Then stay tuned for a jam packed Summer Prep Guide featuring:

  • Organizational tips and tricks
  • Meal Planning
  • Event Save the Dates
  • Road Trips
  • Bucket Lists
  • Local Get Wet Guides & Playground Guides on Mini City
  • and more!

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