The One Product That Made Road Trips with Kids Bearable

indexRecently we took a little road trip to Boston to check out their Children's Museum and take in the sights (LOVED the museum by the way, two thumbs up). Now, we all know a road trip with kids can be less than relaxing, especially the part where you are all stuck in the car together for hours. BUT, our four year old has added in a fun new element that makes it that much more insanity inducing: he takes his seatbelt off. Like all the time. And gets out of his seat and walks around the minivan while we are driving down the highway. EVERY. TIME. Even if we are just going over to the store, this kid WILL NOT keep his seatbelt on. Until I found this product for which I will be always grateful.


Jack calls it the "seatbelt detector" (instead of what I call it, the "protector") but what it is is a little piece of plastic that fits over the buckle. You put the metal buckle in through the slats and voila! IMPOSSIBLE for him to take off. Why? Because you need a car key to push through the slats and pop open the buckle.


Also, why didn't I think of this?! Will it solve the issue of him putting the belt behind his back? No. Not yet at least, we are working on that. But it keeps this kid in his seat and it helps me remain somewhat calm while driving a minivan with four kids who ALL want french fries at the same time down a highway. File it under "Must Haves" for this mama. Find it here, you can thank me later.