My Summer Pool Mom Must Haves

summer We've got two countdowns going right now: The end of school countdown and the opening of the McGregor pool countdown and that means mama better get her butt in gear to plan ahead for pool days and beach days and making sure I have everything I need for five kids under the sun. Click through to see my must haves for the summer (including a few major life savers)...

You guys know I don't mess around when it comes to organizing nowadays, especially with the fact that I'm going to be a mom to five kids 10 and under. I need CONTROL over the situation, especially at the pool. Clockwise from top left, here are the absolute must haves for my family this summer (click the photo above for links)...



They don’t call this beach bag The Whale for nothing, it has room for up to 6 beach towels and 9 super sized pockets



  • Rainbow Lights Mermaid is basically our favorite toy for the summer so far
  • Saltwater Sandals have been a favorite of mine for years now. They are great for toddlers because they can't kick them off in the car (my kids can't be the only ones that do this) and they are SO durable, you can even get them wet and they are indestructible! Plus I love their retro style, they look cute with a dress or just a bathing suit (I've put the navy ones on my boys too)


  • A wet bag is SO NECESSARY (find this pretty polka dot one locally at The Bundle Store)
  • Keeping up with my Book Club with this new title


2010580Do not think this is an understatement when I say this wagon has CHANGED MY LIFE. The two smaller kids can get in so I can pull them across four lacrosse fields with relative ease, there is a SNACK TRAY for both kids, a canopy, and if you have a ton of stuff to haul (like everything pictured above) you can have the kids walk and pull the stuff. Plus, the baby can sleep in it (put the snack trays in upside down to create a flat bed, add in some blankies to sleep on, plus the shade keeps the sun out, tada!). It seriously is my newest favorite thing ever.


  • Of course I need a monogrammed puddle jumper cover, Thread Blanks is re-stocking these cute covers now!
  • The coolest (literally) baby carrier for summer
  • The best sunscreen for the whole family, worry free and works amazing
  • Flamingos are pretty much everything this summer, and this beach ball is the epitome of flamingo cuteness
  • We buy a pair of Bling2o goggles pretty much every summer, that way if we forget a pair at the pool there's always one in the bag somewhere
  • Speaking of forgetting something at the pool, ever notice how everyone has the SAME pool toys/towels/goggles/etc? I got tired of weeding through the lost and found at the pool wondering, "Is this ours?" and solved that issue with a family pack of Name Bubbles (the anchor print is so cute for summer, no?). Put 'em on everything you want to keep with you: buckets, beach bags, snack containers, you name it, you can Name Bubble it (win your OWN set of family labels by clicking here)

Screenshot 2016-05-24 10.30.50

  • This cover up is so gorgeous, classic stripes in the front, party in the back
  • Stubbed toes, bee stings, bug bites, the summer is rough on those minor injuries when only a Finding Dory bandaid will do. This Oh Joy First Aid kit really does bring me joy because hot damn it is cute!