My Desert Island Picks (for me AND for them)

Mamatoga's If I was stranded on a desert island with the kids I would need my essentials, and through trial and error (LOTS of error) I have found this little group of must haves. For the record, non-pregnant me would also add wine to this list, of course. I mean it's a desert island! You would need a little rosé.

FOR ME: I have often touted the benefits of Natural Calm, and I'm going to do it here again. Even beyond coffee (which is essential to my life), this is something I need daily to prevent meltdown mode. Find it locally here.

It's getting harder to find this blush, but I can still buy it on Amazon and am planning on hoarding it if it becomes more scarce.



I don't know if it's genes, good luck, or what, but I've made it through five pregnancies now using Palmer's Cocoa Butter with no stretch marks. It's a classic, and if they ever change their formula I will cry real tears. This is also my go-to if I accidentally get a little too much sun and it totally prevents peeling. Combine this with Trader Joe's aloe vera (pop it in the fridge) and this is an unbeatable warm weather combination to have on hand.


FOR THEM: I don't know why Pampers Sensitive Wipes are so good, they just are. Thick, easy to separate, and great for all skin types from my own (yes I use these in a pinch for makeup removers, etc) to the older kids, to the baby, these are hands down the best wipes you can buy, and I have tried them ALL, trust me. I basically buy a package every time I'm at Target and have one in my car, almost every room in the house, every purse, baby bag, gym bag, you name it, I have wipes in it. I even buy extra packs of wipes to put in my mom's house and car so I always have them no matter where I am.


Add onto this list some Target diapers. Again, not sure why they are better than all other diapers, they just are. Dear Target, please don't ever change how you make these.

My wagon. I cannot TELL YOU how much I love my wagon. It has been a lifesaver during this pregnancy for being able to take the kids places by myself and besides being super useful the kids love it. I did an embarrassing amount of research before I finally bought one, and I am confident I chose the right one. If you have little ones or multiple ones, this wagon is a must have. You can put them in it, put their gear in it, they can eat in it, and even a 9 months pregnant tired woman like myself can lug two kids in it without getting winded. I LOVE IT. Obsessed.


Some baby items you don't want to skimp on. High chairs are not that item, especially with this one being under $20. It's all you need (just ordered a second one).



Frozen Minis ice pops. I know what you're thinking: ice pops? Really? But I recently had an almost two year old go through pneumonia and these were a godsend. They are small enough to not melt all over the place, but just enough to be appealing for little ones, and they are a lifesaver especially with sick kids or even just a sore throat, and since they're so tiny you won't feel bad for giving them a "treat". I keep 'em stocked at ALL TIMES.

Am I missing something absolutely essential? What would you want with you on a desert island?