I Took a Shower Today

IMG_0066 And let me tell you, it was awesome. Showering is just one of the things you come to truly appreciate when you have a newborn. Before I had kids did I ever think that I would feel this huge sense of accomplishment simply for taking a shower? Nope.

But the thing is, yesterday it just didn't happen. What DID happen was: pool, sparklers in the backyard, a little bit of work, making multiple sandwiches of various flavors and preferences, two trips to Target, and before I knew it I was just too damn tired to shower. Add into this mix the fact that this baby is a Stage Five Clinger and really only likes me to hold her, nurse her, or nurse her while holding her. I don't mind, she's pretty snuggly, but it can get tough when I need to actually do stuff like work or put clothes on (she is in the sling while I type this, snoring away).

So finally I got into bed, and that's when the baby barfed on me.

Like ALL over the place. Right after I had finished feeding her. Which meant she was super hungry, but since I just nursed her and that milk was now all over me, my nightgown, my pillow and the sheets, there wasn't much I could do, so the two of us stayed up past midnight alternating crying (okay it was really just her crying but I felt like crying at some moments).

This all resolved itself in the wee hours of the morning, but I was still unshowered. And I started thinking things like "Why don't they make a baby carrier that you can wear in the shower?" and "I should invent a baby carrier you can wear in the shower" but eventually we all slept and this morning I found a spare few minutes while the baby napped with Papa and  so I hopped in the shower and MAN did I feel like a new woman afterward.

Other things you take for granted when you are a parent: eating while sitting down, making a phone call without having to whisper-yell "I AM ON THE PHONE GUYS", and being able to just grab your wallet and keys and leave the house without having to pack things for a number of different unpleasant scenarios, most of which involve either vomiting or dirty diapers.

So in my life right now, showering is right up there with going to the grocery store alone. It's the little things, you know.