Did You Age Space?

13615044_10153709785953715_2612764557685480744_nOur squad definitely has a certain dynamic going. Although we all spend a lot of time together and the kids really do get along with each other really well, there are distinct groups when it comes to the kids: Finn (9) and Levy (8) are one group and Jack (4) and Talley (almost 2) are another group. Sean and I joke about needing to have another baby so Welles will have someone to pal around with (just a JOKE) but so far the age spacing works really well. One question people ask me a lot (besides "Are they ALL YOURS?!") is "Did you plan out the age spacing?".

The answer is, not really, but I will tell you that there are some perks to the spacing we have. The two oldest were in diapers at the same time, but not for long, same thing with Talley and the baby right now. But the best part is that they have playmates close in age but with one older one leading the way. There are a lot of pros and cons to having kids close in age and to waiting a few years (like we did with Jack).

First, the pros of having them close (within two years or less):

  • It consolidates the time you spend in baby or toddler mode. Sure, those years close together are TOUGH in many ways, but once they are done you are done with those years and all the diapers and potty training and sippy cups and omg...
  • Kids closer in age will go through the same stages relatively closely, so they will probably like the same toys, shows, etc. at the same time. Similarly, it will be easier to hand stuff down as far as clothes, gear, etc. because of the short amount of time having it in storage. With our kids, stuff like snowboarding boots gets handed right on down the line, once Finn is done with it chances are Levy is ready to fit into it.
  • They'll have a built in playmate that can actually play along with them, score! "Now go play with your brother!"

Now, some cons...

  • First, being pregnant back to back like that can be seriously draining (not to mention there are some potential health risks associated with having kids so close together). Plus, chasing after a toddler while pregnant is HARD. Take it from me.
  • Guess what? You may still be sleep training a toddler when that baby arrives (also HARD, also take it from me...yawn)
  • You might feel like your last baby has barely turned into a toddler before the new baby arrives, sort of speeding up their growing up process for you
  • Double carseats, enough said

All of that being said, we love how our kids ages are spaced out. They are all at slightly different stages but close enough that they can all hang out together (except for the baby, so far...). The one stage I am looking forward to getting to? The stage where they can all swim at the pool, ah, won't that be bliss...xoxo