Get Your Float On

Wouldby guest blogger Jess Updyke From the non-stop frenzy that is everyday life for parents everywhere, it’s hard to find an activity that really allows you to relax in ways one really needs to feel fully rejuvenated.  My husband and I heard that a float center had opened up in Ballston Spa and said it was something we would try but never acted on that urge until recently.

Not everyone has the same experience and we were both open to a new experience.  We had no idea what to expect other than a couple people we knew had tried it and it sounded pretty weird.  It is also commonly referred to a sensory deprivation tank.  Notably, Joe Rogan, the former Fear Factor host has popularized it through his podcast and even had a tank installed in his home.

I will start with that it is as close as you can get to a drug induced experienced without being on drugs.  So that may or may not sound appealing to anyone reading but stick with me!

At Requiescent Float Center, there are two tanks to choose from.  One that is more classic in nature and the other makes which seems bigger but is actually the same size.  After you shower, you enter the tank.

It is about 1200 lbs of Epson salt dissolved in about 10 inches of 93.5 degree water.  Once you lay down, it takes a little bit to get out of your own head of what is going to be like, you will question yourself about being claustrophobic and you start to think to yourself, what happens if I fall asleep? Can I drown? What kind of weird things can possibly happen?  Can I get out at any time???  Once you let the rush of questions come and go and you actually give in to the process--no sounds, no light, no smell and it’s hard to tell where your body ends and where the water begins, you realize, wow, this is kind of relaxing!  And a calmness starts to settle in.  You are in control the entire time but there are very rare occurrences that you can shut down the automatized, chronic stimuli to that really impacts your decisions, your feelings, your experience.

This is all about you and you alone.   You have the time and space you need to let ideas and decisions to flow in freely and you awaken to parts that may or may not have been in sight.  You have no sense of time which can be stressful but give in to it and let the stress and anxiety melt away.  Feel the nothingness.

Here are our top 10 reasons you should float!

1.       You feel rejuvenated like you never  have before.  Did you know that one hour of solid float session is equivalent to four hours of that deep juicy sleep…and how many of you could use sleep like that?

2.       It does give somewhat of a zero gravity experience.

3.       Your mind is free without distraction.

4.       It gives your body a chance to rest, de-stress and heal.

5.       It boosts your mood for DAYS afterwards.

6.       It’s an amazing tool if you want to meditate.

7.       You have clarity of thoughts.

8.       Its affordable.

9.       It can be a very spiritual experience.

10.   Helps eliminate chronic pain.

So give it a try, stay open-minded and DO NOT get the salt water in your eyes.

To visit the Requiescent Float Center's website click here