My Long Weekend {in photos}

IMG_0645 We scrapped our plans to go on a road trip, with a newborn the idea was slightly less appealing than we originally thought, and stayed close to home for the long weekend. We checked out the local lemonade stands, dug in the sand in Lake George, picked blueberries at Winney's Farm and hit the pool at McGregor. Most of the weekend was spent in bathing suits (July 4th is one of the few holidays I can get away with them ALL matching) and eating Bomb pops, lighting sparklers and cutting up watermelon.

IMG_0532IMG_0475IMG_0496 IMG_0502IMG_0472IMG_0396 IMG_0446IMG_0398IMG_0433IMG_0556IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0619IMG_0591IMG_0653