Summer Kids Craft: Rainbow Rocks

IMG_1141Keeping the kids occupied during the summer can be tough, especially with a big age range. Some can paint, some CANNOT handle paint yet. So these "painted" rainbow rocks are the perfect toddler up to big kid craft.

Inspired by the Rainbow Rock Project (who was also inspired herself by the Word Rocks project), we decided to make our own rainbow rocks to carry with us on our afternoon walk and leave around our neighborhood to spread a little joy (plus my four year old, Jack, is OBSESSED with rainbows, so this was right up his alley).

The supplies are super easy, we picked up a bag of smooth stones from Home Depot (about ten bucks a bag**) and some chalk markers from AC Moore (similar to these here). The beauty of the chalk markers is that they look like paint but are way less messy and are easier for little hands to create a rainbow (or whatever design they are aiming for). They do need to be left out to dry for a little bit as they will smudge at first, but once they dry they look great with bright, vibrant colors. (**you can of course find your own stones too out in the "wild" but these are the perfect smooth flat stones for this craft, and we couldn't find any flat stones!)

Yesterday they all took two rocks each and took turns leaving them around our neighborhood, super excited about the idea that someone would find one and it would make them smile.

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