Chiropractic Care for Babies & Children {Guest Post with Spa City Chiropractic}

by Dr. Ashley Seaver

Why would a healthy baby or child need chiropractic care?

This is another great question that I hear often from patients or others in the community.  I’d like to explain first, that chiropractic care for a baby or child is much different than chiropractic care for an adult.  The techniques used are very light and gentle.  The amount of pressure used is the same pressure one would use to comfortably touch their eye, or less than the amount of pressure used to check a peach or tomato for ripeness.  Sometimes, babies even fall asleep during an adjustment due to the calming nature of it.

In the past few years, chiropractic care for babies and children is growing.  Parents are starting to turn towards more natural approaches first when caring for their children.  Chiropractic is a great alternative, and should be sought out before major medical intervention.

Now back to the original question…

When a baby is born, either naturally or through cesarean section, there can be between 60 and 70 pounds of pressure placed on the baby’s head and neck.  This can cause a lot of stress on the fragile nervous system and also the surrounding structures.  Sometimes there can be damage to the nervous system that goes unnoticed.  Sometimes it can present in different ways such as; colic, digestive issues, decreased bowel movements, issues breastfeeding, favoring one side over the other for feedings, increased irritability and excessive fussiness, multiple ear infections or colds, trouble sleeping, etc.  All of these issues can be helped with chiropractic care.

As children grow and develop, it is also important for them to get checked by a chiropractor.  This is especially important during the different developmental milestones such as; when baby learns to lift their head, rolls over, sits up on their own, starts to crawl, and starts to walk.  During these stages of development, the natural curves of the spinal column are being developed.  Some issues that can arise in childhood that can be helped with chiropractic care include; scoliosis, frequent ear infections or colds, bedwetting, behavioral issues, etc.

Again, chiropractic care is very safe, gentle, and it is effective.  If you have any questions regarding chiropractic care, or if you want to see if it is right for your baby or child, please call the office at 518-290-0772 or email  I’d be happy to answer any of your questions!


Dr. Ashley Seaver is the owner and chiropractor at Spa City Chiropractic.  She has a passion for helping moms-to-be have a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy from preconception through postpartum, and is also passionate about helping babies and children thrive through chiropractic care.  She attended Logan College of Chiropractic, and has been trained through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.  She resides in Saratoga, and loves spending her free time enjoying the outdoors, and all that Saratoga has to offer.