Yes You're Cute, But I've Still Gotta Clean Recently, while watching TV, I saw a commercial where a little girl asks the camera, "Am I cute?". She then goes on to explain that yes, she thinks she's pretty cute (she points out her dimples) and then wonders why if she's so cute her parents would rather clean than play with her on a SATURDAY?! I mean WHO would do that to a CHILD?

I tried to let it go, I really did. But, you can back off on making parents feel guilty for cleaning on a weekend. Mom guilt much?!

The thing is, in our culture, parents get a full heaping of guilt for pretty much everything. And now not only are we not supposed to do laundry or clean on the weekends, we are supposed to hire someone to do that while we play with the kids (but also not work as much to be able to afford that, right)? And if we don't, our kids will somehow feel that we don't think they are cute? What if I hire a cleaning person to do my laundry and (OMG DON'T FREAK OUT) I go to the gym, or I get my nails done??? What will happen to my adorable dimpled child then?

Furthermore, according to your commercial,, if our children have an appealing enough appearance we should drop our parental responsibilities (yes that includes, gasp, CLEANING) and spend every minute with them? I guess if we have unattractive children we can spend all weekend folding laundry, because sorry kid, but you don't have cute dimples so you can go kick rocks.

Now, I get it. I'm looking into it too much, I'm doing it for the sake of this blog post (yes I am exaggerating to make a point so let's get past that). But really, REALLY Is this the approach you thought would appeal to actual parents? "Hey parents hire a cleaning person so you don't neglect your cute kids by doing laundry because they are growing up too fast and you are missing their childhood". No. Just an all around NOPE.

Now, in my house, we have a lot of laundry. And a lot of cleaning. With five kids, there is always something to be done to keep things tidy. But you know what? I involve the kids, because it just might be a good idea to teach them about how to take care of things, how to clean up after themselves, and maybe, just maybe, they will learn a lesson that in order to get to the fun stuff we have to do a little bit of work first. But if we all pitch in, it gets done even faster! And somehow between work and laundry, we manage to get to the fun stuff without having to hire a cleaning person to help out. And how about "Hey kids, if you want to play, clean your room and put your laundry away." Just saying.

Again, before you jump all over me, I'm not bragging by saying we get our chores done without hiring someone. I'm simply saying that kids need to learn that chores need to get done. We can probably all agree on that. I have NO ISSUE with someone hiring a cleaning person, if it was in our budget I'd be all about that. But don't make it into yet another "bad parent" category where we aren't being the best parents we can be because we spend time cleaning. That's just stupid.

So, in concluding my rant, let me give some real parent ad taglines that might get them more traffic.


"Date night! WOOP WOOP!"

"Hire a cleaning person for your friend who just had a baby and needs a nap."

"Laundry sucks"

See, Plenty of options there without making parents feel even more guilty. You're welcome.