What's In My Diaper Bag {infant + toddler + big kids}

diaperbagThere's a whole lotta stuff in my bag nowadays, click through to find out what I lug around on a daily basis for me and my littles. clockwise from top left (click links in photo to shop)...

This baby loves her Wubbanub, and they're so much easier to find in a bag with that cute little lamb attached!

I found this handmade chewbead mala made with organic wood treated with organic beeswax and organic jojoba oil, 100% food grade silicone beads, and organic cotton cord on Etsy, the perfect little teething necklace that doesn't look like a teething necklace.

Little Unicorn swaddles are hands down the best, the softest and with the sweetest patterns each season, but you've gotta act fast, they sell out!

OMG these baby ballet slippers, nothing is cuter (big sister approves).

Diaper bags under cover as chic and practical backpacks? Yes please.

In my bag you'll find wipes, wipes, and more wipes. The most essential part of my life right now.


clockwise from top left (click links in photo to shop)...

Board Books are the best, Talley is especially into this Doggies one by Sandra Boynton.

Lex and Cleo has such a great collection of kids toys you won't find anywhere else, Jack is obsessed with this car.

Blablas are an everyday essential in toddler land.

These Boon lids are THE BEST invention ever! What did I do before them?!

You guys know how much I love bows, and we get most of them from Wee Ones, they are the BEST and have a huge selection!

Always have crayons on hand. Always. Cheap to replace, and they'll buy you at least a few minutes time at a restaurant.

Healthy snacks on hand help out to beat the afternoon crabbies when you're out and about and it's past lunch but not close enough to dinner yet.

clockwise from top left (click links in photo to shop)...

Those beads aren't just for baby to chew on, they're also a style staple for me.

My friend Jess recently got me into Gabby Bernstein and I am hooked on her Spirit Junkie message. I keep a book stashed in my bag because you never know when you might get a chance to read a few pages while the kids are on the playground, and her affirmation cards are so beautiful.

Natural Calm powder, my fave!

Target breast pads are affordable, work great and did I mention affordable? I am exclusively breastfeeding baby #5 and I have these stashed literally everywhere: bags, cars, every room in the house, with a backup box ready to go when I need it.

I love my Life Factory water bottle that I picked up at Healthy Living Market and Cafe, I feel like I am always thirsty from nursing.

Also at Healthy Living is this Aura Cacia Organic Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy Roll-On, but it's hard to choose just one from the collection because they all smell so lovely.

My other favorite scent is from hand sanitizer. No really, have you smelled the Honest Co. hand sanitizer?! So great.

Shatavari has been a great supplement to keep up my milk supply, picked it up locally at The Bundle Store.

Happiness is a choice, and so is this Happy Planner. Some days are crazy and jam packed but it reminds me to keep focused on the positive.