When Facebook Makes You Cry

297665_10150272420243715_817135_n"You have memories to look back on!" facebook pops up and reminds me. Yay! I love that! It's always so fun to see where we were a year ago, five years ago, to see what we were doing on that very day. But sometimes, out of nowhere, it chokes you up, right? That blurry pink dancer is my oldest daughter, in her first ever ballet class, when she was three years old. Back then all the moms (and a couple dads) would sit on the floor inside the studio watching, sneaking a few photos here and there. It was just so cute. All these little girls in their pink leotards and tights, messy little buns in their hair and watching them trying to balance and hopping around to the music. Five years ago, on this day, when she was three, this was Levy, and there I sat, watching her dance.


So clearly I can remember sitting there watching her. Thinking how beautiful she was and how big she was getting. Already in a ballet class! I couldn't believe it. I can clearly remember the sunlight streaming in through those windows, and how peaceful it felt to be able to sit there and watch these girls twirling around and giggling.

Even back then it felt like time was moving so fast. It felt like it was slipping through my fingers already, watching the kids grow up.

And now here we are, her first ballet class of this season at Myers Ballet School will be on Monday and she can't wait. Going to third grade. Dreaming of when she will get her first pair of pointe shoes (pointe shoes?! Wasn't I just buying her first pair of teeny tiny ballet slippers?!).

She's so grown up already, I've watched her on stage in the Nutcracker and at the Hall of Springs in the Nutcracker Tea. She wants to be Clara, she dreams of it, she wants to be a dancer when she gets older (But you are already so much older, I think).


Maybe it's because her little sister turns two tomorrow, and I admire so much what a great big sister she is. Maybe it's because I can remember that first time I found out I was having a girl, and I positively swooned at the thought of bows in her hair and little frilly pink tutus. Maybe it's because it's the last crazy days of summer and the kids are 50% getting on my nerves and 50% making me sad that they'll be going back to school soon (okay maybe it's more like 70/30 on that one). Maybe it's because sometimes you just get caught up by thinking how many moments you let pass by without really cherishing them for what they are until something as silly as facebook reminds you "Hey, look how much time has passed, look how much you have experienced, look how much has changed."

Either way little dancer, you are growing up, and I couldn't be more proud.