My Favorite 4th Trimester Picks

stylewars(2) Ah, the little mentioned 4th trimester...What is that, you ask? That's those months after the baby is born where you are dealing with all of the lovely new mom body surprises like "Oh hey I fit into exactly zero of my pre-baby clothes!" or "Wait a minute, I can't breastfeed in any of these tops" or "I'm a sweaty mess" or "Super great, my hair is falling out (true story)". And if you're like me, the 4th trimester is when you really, REALLY crave just feeling "back to normal" again and just want at least one or two outfits that you can feel put together in.

Being in the 4th trimester in the summer can be a bit trickier since it's 90 degrees out and you may want to put on MORE clothes rather than less clothes (did I mention the sweating? Am I the only one?!) but I have a few tricks up my sleeves to keep you cool and collected in the summer 4th trimester.

First, let's cover the pool/beach conundrum, and by cover, I mean find a comfortable cover up you can feel cute in but not over-exposed in. My kids wanted to waste exactly zero days for me to feel pool ready so I scoured the shops and online for a beach cover up that also covered my requirements: comfortable, breastfeeding friendly, affordable, washable, oh and cute. I finally found it on Etsy from StitchAbleDesigns and I loved the blue seersucker version so much I bought the pink too. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen it already, but let me tell you it is like my go-to this summer. I just wear a strapless suit under it, toss a lightweight swaddling blanket like these from Lex & Cleo over my shoulder and poof, breastfeeding friendly.


Screenshot 2016-08-10 12.40.48Next, let me let you in on a little secret: I love Forever 21. I mean, I LOVE IT. And no, I have no shame as a 38 year old mom of five shopping at a store called Forever 21 and I will proudly walk in there with a few of them in tow to pick up some inexpensive pieces to help get me through those in between months when nothing fits. My favorites for the summer are the jumpsuits. This one, and this one here, actually have a little tiny snap front that you can easily unsnap to breastfeed. They can be worn a little loose and still look put together, and they are so cheap you can pick up a few and feel like you are actually wearing an outfit. The one I got is similar to the one pictured below (with the snap front top).

00205587-02Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.05.00

I also picked up these overalls in a few sizes larger than my usual size, and they are cute and comfortable and totally breastfeeding friendly but also keep me feeling a little covered up on top.

00153379-03 Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.05.17 Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.05.28

I also picked up a couple flowy cardigans similar to this one that are super lightweight and also double as a nursing cover and a beach cover up.

00235578-02 Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.04.42

Now, my absolute favorite nursing bra is actually a sleep bra, but it is THE BEST. Let me tell you why...rather than snapping and unsnapping a regular nursing bra, this one is just a pull over style, so you pull it over to nurse, pull it back when you're done, you can do it with one hand while babywearing in Target with four other kids with you (I know from experience). The one I love is by Melinda G, and it is in a nice lightweight fabric with a pretty leotard back that you won't mind if it peeks a little. Find them locally at The Bundle Store (also comes in a pretty purple).

sleep_braLastly, my good friend Jess (remember Jess? She did two My Mom Lifes for me, here and here, oh and check out her Mom Style here!) got me this great tank for my birthday, with a special message on the front ("Mom Life is the Best Life") and all of my kiddos names on the back, and I just love it, AND I can breastfeed in it by pulling it over just like the sleep bra. I practically live in it (full disclosure, I am wearing it right now and pajama pants as I type and yes I know it is 1pm on a Wednesday). She had it made by Romantic Southern, and you can see all her stuff right here (I'm also a big fan of this one, might have to get that next).


Screenshot 2016-08-10 13.26.51Want more of my breastfeeding friendly picks? Click here for some fall styles, here for a few more tips, and here for one of my essentials. xoxo