Shopping List: Camping with Kids

VT(1)In less than a week we'll be back at the little cabin in Vermont and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. We'll also be celebrating Talley's 2nd birthday (how is she turning two?!), and it'll be the first time Welles gets to see Vermont. We have fine tuned our packing list for the cabin, and here are our cabin life essentials.

clockwise from top left (click the images above to shop):

These windbreakers from LL Bean are always a must buy for us, they are durable, easy to fold up and stuff in a backpack, and lightweight enough that the kids can wear them in the summer if they get caught in a storm or if the night gets chilly, plus it takes them right into fall once school starts.

I love love love lanterns, and this string of Coleman lanterns just makes me happy. I string it up every year as soon as we arrive.

No electronics, no cell service, no problem: the kids bring packs of card games for downtime in the cabin and this set has a couple easy to use card holders for littler hands.

We'll be shopping for provisions ahead of time at Healthy Living Market and Cafe, see our faves right here.

There's no Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts anywhere near the cabin (thank GOD) so I'll be bringing my own caffeine since coffee is totally necessary. TOTALLY NECESSARY.

I'll be wearing one of my newest favorite outfits to breastfeed in, you won't believe where I get 'em...

We love the Badger Balm from the Bundle Store for preventing bug bites since it is all natural and you can just hand it to the kids and they can easily apply it themselves, no getting it in their eyes.

Board Games!

This LED blue tooth speaker is so fun, a little remote controls the colors (you can even do a strobe) and you can connect it to your phone to play music for some impromptu dance parties.

We'll be bringing along washi tape to customize our walking sticks because yes, we have had disagreements about which walking stick belonged to which child. Wrapping them with washi tape in their own design is a fun little craft and a fun way to keep the sibling squabbles at bay.

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