Shopping List: Healthy Living Market and Cafe

onourlistWe're in Healthy Living Market and Cafe maybe five or six times a week (and we always, ALWAYS have to stop at the "hopscotch aisle"), especially in the summer. Picking up snacks for the pool, ingredients for dinner, or just the essentials. Today I've got my Shopping List packed with our absolute must haves from HLM.

babyFirst up, for the baby, I love the line of Weleda products. Since a baby's skin’s natural barrier and temperature regulation functions are still developing, you need special skin care, and unlike mineral oils, plant-based oils like the ones in the Weleda baby line nourish and protect without clogging pores or making it difficult for your baby’s skin to absorb moisture and oxygen. Plus, Healthy Living Market and Cafe has all the Honest Co. products we need for Welles.

kiddosFor the kids, I would consider them chocolate milk aficionados, and their absolute favorite is the local Battenkill Valley Creamery chocolate milk (it is the BEST). I also grab the Surf Sweets jelly beans to stash in my purse in case I need a little help with bribery (I have no shame), and I don't feel as bad with these because they are made with organic fruit juice, have no artificial colors or flavors, no corn syrup AND they have 100% Vitamin C per serving.

Justin's Maple Almond Butter is always in our cabinet, and literally everyone in the entire family loves this stuff (I may or may not eat it by the spoonful once the kids are asleep).

We do eat chicken nuggets and hot dogs here, full disclosure, but the Hip Chick Farms nuggets and chicken fingers use humanely certified, free range, natural and organic poultry that are raised without antibiotics or added hormones. They love the whole line of Applegate Hot Dogs, especially the Organic Turkey Hot Dogs, and I love them because they are low in fat and contain no added nitrites or chemical preservatives.

Smarty Pants are our newest obsession, their kids gummy vitamins are packed with essential nutrients, including vitamin D3, and omega 3 fish oil and are non-GMO and allergen-free, with no synthetic colors, flavors, or preservatives.

We LOVE the PackIt lunchbags, and they come in the cutest patterns, everyone is getting a new one for the new school year.

formamaDeath Wish Coffee is the coffee of choice in this house (I still have to take it easy on the caffeine since I'm nursing, but my husband is addicted to this stuff), and even better? It's locally made! Sean considers it a daily essential and it's the first thing he drinks every day.

I put Fabanaise on pretty much everything, it's the first mayo made with aquafaba, the natural egg substitute made simply from chickpeas and water.

The Nut Zez Brownie Batter Almond Butter is AMAZING. I don't share it, with anyone. It's my treat and yes I hide it from the kids.

You guys have heard me talk about Natural Calm a million times, but seriously it is a lifesaver and one of my all time favorite products, hands down.

The Saratoga Juice Bar Big Shot is one of my faves, I love anything with cayenne in it.

Who doesn't love the fact that the grocery store is connected to the liquor store? Um, HELLO. You can just bring that cart right on in my friend. Lately my favorites are the Lila cans, little cans of white wine and rosé (they also happen to be both SPAC and track friendly).

So there you have it my friends, my Healthy Living Market and Cafe staples. Visit their website here for store hours and more info including specials. xoxo