My Weekend {in photos}

IMG_2146 We started our weekend at Big Truck Day, which is always a family favorite of ours. The kids LOVED the little construction hats (so cute) and between the trucks, the bouncy house, the balloon guy, sno cones, Go Kids and all of the excitement it was a veritable playland for the kids. Jack's big highlight came when he "won" a jump rope from the CDPHP booth, it literally made his weekend.

Talley was wiped out from the Big Truck Day excitement, so my mom and I took Jack down to check out Little Pecks in Troy. You know the type of restaurant where the staff seem like they really truly enjoy working there? That's what Little Pecks was like, the staff was friendly and smiley and warm. We sat in the back at a little table (the patio area was closed because of a wedding, but it looked absolutely darling and we are planning on going back so we can check it out) and ordered a handful of the small plates to share while Jack munched on a brownie. The avocado dish was perfect (coming from an avocado addict like myself that says a lot), and the bread and sauce was sublimely simple. To just sit there, tearing little pieces of bread and dipping them in sauce in that sweet little space was so relaxing (that pineapple wallpaper, I almost swooned looking at it). I can't wait to go back and work my way through every item on their menu. Next time I'm bringing the older kids to try some of the dishes now that they're starting to move past just macaroni and cheese...

Afterward we took a walk by the river and happened upon a spray park with great big sprinklers shooting up into the air. Jack took one look at it and begged us to go in, so we let him take his shirt off and run around in the sprinklers, laughing hysterically, until they finally shut off for the day.

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