My Weekend {in Photos}

IMG_2631 This weekend was a Tale of Two Dinners. Even though it isn't the easiest thing to do, I do like to try to take the kids out to eat occasionally. They get to try something new, learn how to behave in a restaurant, and I don't have to cook. It doesn't always turn out great, but I feel like each experience gets us closer to successfully eating out as a family.

This Sunday we went to Prime at Saratoga National. It was raining, and it was only 5 o'clock, so the stage was set for a less crowded place and a quick in and out where we wouldn't have too many other diners around us to disturb. We definitely get some looks when we roll in with all five kids, but if you pick the timing right it makes it so much less stressful. I LOVE when kids menus have a little finger food plate, and Prime has a great kids menu with a cheese and crackers plate that the kids love, it's like a little kid appetizer. Cups with lids? Check. Patient wait staff? Check. Chicken tenders from the kids menu that were so good I ate half of them? Check. Even though at the end Talley gave up and started doing laps on the veranda and Jack was disappointed he couldn't swim in the pool I would still call it a success overall.

Other nights I make it easy on myself and bring pizza to the pool, definitely a crowd pleaser. There's something about eating pizza in your bathing suit that makes it that much more fun. Also, Welles wore her first ever bathing suit and Jack was surprised with his brand new rainbow decal from Name Bubbles (he couldn't stop smiling, and it was so easy to put up he even helped)...