Kindness is a Boomerang {FREE PRINTABLE}

Kindness PrintTo raise kind children you have to show them kindness, and teach them kindness. I believe this can be done through little things, as well as big things, and also by reminding them what the kind thing to do would be in situations that come up in their everyday lives. One thing we teach our kids is to treat others the way they would like to be treated, and while this is sound advice, instead I've been telling my kids that kindness is like a boomerang. I heard it recently, and it stuck with me, and it makes it easier for them to grasp some of these ideas about kindness. What you give out will come back to you, and by sharing kindness with others, you are also sharing kindness with yourself. Everyone gets to play with the kindness boomerang, and that makes everyone happy.

This simple reminder is cute and to the point, and the kids love it because really, everyone loves saying "boomerang", right?! Try it. Say boomerang. It just makes you happy. Now say it to your kids, and put this free printable up to share with them that kindness always comes back.

to download the print, simply click on the image above xoxo