Spotlight: All About Kindermusik at Saratoga Sings

dsc_0669 Looking for an activity for little ones that nurtures their creativity, helps them to become better problem-solvers and more innovative thinkers later in life? What about building their self-esteem and encouraging them to share? Sounds amazing, right? Well read on for more about Kindermusik at Saratoga Sings and how you and your child can benefit from these enriching and supportive classes.

I chatted with Rosie Spring, the owner of Saratoga Sings, Private Voice Instructor and Licensed Kindermusik Educator (that's Miss Rosie to you) about Kindermusik and what Saratoga Sings has for local parents and kids.

Mamatoga: What are the benefits of music classes for children?

Miss Rosie: There are so many! Preschool students who participated in a Kindermusik class for as little as 30 minutes a week throughout the nine-month school year showed a 32% greater early language and literacy gain over the control group. This is amazing, but I am a music lover and music teacher so my favorite benefits are the touchy-feely ones :) At Kindermusik, your child will be guided to explore their own emotions as well as those of their new friends. They will acquire skills to build their self-esteem and encourage turn-taking and sharing (super helpful at home with brothers and sisters!) Kindermusik creates a safe space to nurture your child's creativity which will help them to become better problem-solvers and more innovative thinkers later in life. Musically, our activities will develop your child's vocal skills and foster a music-loving heart in a process-oriented, not performance-based, environment. We are also constantly jumping and dancing and the connection between music and and rhythm and early math concepts is so strong....I could go on and on but a great resource for parents is the Kindermusik blog (find it here).

Mamatoga: What are some of the classes you offer?

Miss Rosie: We have a Kindermusik class that is perfect for every child (and caregiver) ages birth to 6. For example, our Cuddle and Bounce classes are aimed at children before they walk, and that is the sweetest class! The families often hang around and chat for 20 minutes after each class as the babies enjoy free time to explore. Our Laugh and Learn class is a great first step towards preschool independence as the children typically go in with the instructor for the first half hour and then run squealing to grab their grown-ups to come and sit with them for 15 minutes of Sharing Time. Sing and Play, Wiggle and Grow, Move and Groove, they're all so much fun and designed to support your child wherever they are developing at that moment. This program has been a 2nd home to Saratoga moms for 18 years (Miss Renee still teaches!) and is recognized at the Maestro level which means that we are in the top 5% of Kindermusik programs internationally.


We teach 15 Kindermusik classes Tuesday through Saturday mornings during the school year and really strive to offer a class-time that can work for your family. We hope you'll join us today, but Kindemusik is never cumulative so you may hop in at any time during the school year and immediately feel at home. Our entire class schedule can be found here. With 3 certified Kindermusik instructors at Saratoga Sings, I am able to open new classes if there is a demand, so please don't hesitate to ask if there is a class time you need but don't see.


Mamatoga: You also offer private lessons and piano lessons, can you tell me more about these options?

Miss Rosie: Yes! My background is in music theater and I have been teaching private voice lessons in Saratoga since 2008. I teach young singers ages 10 and up. Please don't hesitate to contact me to set up a free consultation to see what your child's needs are and how we might work together. Miss Kristina Gaschel teaches piano out of our studio but is also happy to travel to your home if it's not too far away. Piano lessons are available to children ages 5 and up and are beneficial in so many ways building concentration skills and supporting math and reading concepts. Every child should learn to play the piano! Please call me at (518) 871-1530 to discuss private lessons for your child.


I want to make sure to also highlight the parenting support that Kindermusik offers to YOU. Mothering, fathering, nannying,'s all really hard, and I know Mamatoga is on a similar mission to make this most important job of all just a little bit easier. I constantly question the decisions I make for my children. Are they ready for more? Am I pushing to hard?

Kindermusik does all the work for you. The curriculum is based on almost 40 years of exhaustive and ongoing research so you can trust that this program is right for your family. The mom-friends I made in my first Kindermusik class when my daughter was 6 months old are still among my closest friends (Caroline, Amy, Julie...we need a playdate!) and their children will be laughing and playing together as they each turn 7(!) years old this year. We love what we do, but YOU are your child's most important teacher. When you become a Kindermusik family, you gain access to a Parent Portal filled with supplemental games and activities to continue your child's Kindermusik education throughout the week. Please check out these @home materials here.


Our classes are filling so I hope you feel confident enough to register at right now, but I love to talk Kindermusik and your children and am happy to answer any other questions you might have. Please feel free to email me at

A big thanks to Miss Rosie for telling us all about Kindermusik at Saratoga Sings! A great chance to check out what it's all about happens tomorrow (September 9th) at their Signing Time Workshop. This 45-minute, one-day Parent and Child Signing Time Workshop blends true American Sign Language education with music and play. 10:15 for toddlers and 11:30 for babies not yet walking. MUST BE REGISTERED TO ATTEND! Please email with the name and age of your child. Cost is $8/family (payable with cash or check at the door). To learn more about Saratoga Sings, click the photo below!